Why Does Nigeria Produce The Highest HIV-positive children?

The disclosure two or three weeks back that Nigeria is most noteworthy maker of HIV positive youngsters all around the world by the Joint United Nations Program on HIV\AIDS (UNAIDS), without question called for concern. With the accessibility of data and endeavors being set up by state run administrations and non-government associations the same, many can’t comprehend the reason why the nation actually possess such unenviable situation in the board of countries.

The UNAIDS noticed that while the nation has accomplished a ton in putting over 1.6 million individuals living with the infection on treatment, more youngsters are still avoided with regards to the lifesaving treatment.

The UNAIDS obviously put together its accommodation with respect to a central government information that says around 150,000 youngsters are HIV positive, with just 88,000 on treatment. That sadly leaves an incredible 62,000 youngsters without treatment and looking straight at death.

This, as indicated by the Country Director, Dr Erasmus Morah, implies the inclusion for youngsters is under 50%, and obviously denies off contrarily on the accomplishment of 80% inclusion of grown-up and places Nigeria in that unenviable position.

Weighty as it sounded, the UNAIDS’ statement didn’t come as ‘news’, just that it actually stunned the sensibilities of benevolent Nigerians. Mid 2020, the then Minister of State for Health, Olorunimbe Mamora, had uncovered that Nigeria has the biggest number of pediatric HIV cases all around the world.

The ramifications of this disclosure for youngsters actually carried to the world with this feared sickness is that they are sentenced to a somber and questionable future. For no issue of theirs, they acquired the serious infection from their moms and are constrained to live with it, liable to all types of segregation and an existence of interminable controlled drug.

It took some different young people and youth individual endeavors to find the medications they were taking were antiretroviral drugs and that they were HIV positive. This obviously was on the grounds that their folks, who passed it to them, thought that it is hard to tell them. In any case, it started an immense column among them and their folks and dissatisfaction with respect to the children.

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