China vows to disseminate one billion COVID-19 vaccine doses to Africa

The president of China, Xi Jinping has vowed to disseminate one billion COVID-19 vaccine doses to Africa on Monday, with the landmass attempting to gain enough pokes to vaccinate against the virus.

President Xi Jinping made it clear that China, his country would donate 600 million doses while the remaining 400 million doses would come from different sources. He made his intentions of donating the vaccines to Africa known at the China-Africa summit in Diamniadio with a speech he gave via videolink. China has invested a lot in Africa and is Africa’s biggest trader with trades worth over $200 billion. Since the pandemic started, Beijing has been leading in the donations of its home-made vaccine, Sinopharm to African countries that could not afford it.

The rate of vaccination in Africa is lower than the rest of the world due to Africa’s inability to mass purchase the covid-19 vaccine and the lack of adequate infrastructure to handle the large amount of infected victims received.

Rumours of China trying to get Africa to fall for debt-trap diplomacy has been spread and China has debunked the rumours aggressively saying the rumours aren’t true and shouldn’t be taken into consideration.

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