A Binary Match Between Chelsea and Manchester United

Many games cut, tears cried and hearts broken as a very disappointing match between Chelsea and Manchester United was played. A match that ended with a draw.

Chelsea had a lot of opportunities and so did Manchester United but at the day the statistics will always tell the truth and according to the statistics, Chelsea was on top of their game via ball possession, shots on target etc

In the early stages of the match, Hudson-Odio had a clear cut opportunity to put Chelsea ahead but couldn’t which was unfortunate. Fred passed a nice ball to Jaden Sancho who couldn’t take the shot. The first half was just filled with a lot of opportunities that not taken

The second half started with Manchester United dominating the field of play with a lot of through balls, crosses and some tiki taka action.

Manchester United pressured Chelsea’s and eventually made them to commit a defensive error which led to a goal by Jaden Sancho.

Chelsea swiftly equalized with a penalty given by Fred and scored by Jorginho. A nicely scored penalty I must add.

The game was just an example of the unpredictable nature of football.

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